What Makes Us Awesome!

Hybrid 3D scanning

3D scanning is done with Photogrammetry or Structured Light. There are two components to 3D models, the shape of the object, called the geometry, and the colored image, called the texture that covers the geometry. 

Photogrammetry uses cameras to capture many photographs which are stitched together by a 3D artist on high powered computer servers using professional software. Photogrammetry offers the highest texture, or photographic image, quality.

Structured Light Scanning (often used in handheld or turntable systems) covers the subject in patterns of light and creates the most detailed geometry, or underlying 3 dimensional form. 

WeCloneU uses a hybrid of both- 89 custom designed Photogrammetry Cameras along with 25 Structured Light Projectors- which allows us to have both the high quality texture and fine detailed geometry required to print photographic figurines.

High Quality Printing

Our portraits are printed with full color sandstone on Projet 660 printers, the most accurate high resolution printer on the market today. 

We Love to Travel!

Our system was designed to be on the move. Custom designed cameras and projectors are built into a mobile system allowing us to take our 360 degree full body, studio quality scanning to you.